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LINQUP is more than an all-in-one tool for URL shortening and QR Code generation. It’s a one-of-a-kind link management engine for your business to attract clicks and showcase your campaigns faster.

You can easily merge multiple URLs into one link or QR code without the hassle of bothering the user's device. For example - your users can download your app without visiting separate links for Android, Tablet, Desktop or iOS.

why choose us

Short URLs, Quick Communication

LINQUP monitors the destination page live and provides traffic statistics in real-time. You can access detailed analytics using the premium features which help you optimise your campaigns. Whether it's about web pages, social media, publications or any other advertisement. You stay aware of the no. of clicks and visits made through the shortened URL or QR code.

In simple words, you can specifically target your audience by landing them exactly where you want them to. Personalization is the key for brands to stay more human in an age of automation. With custom URL structures and branded QR codes, you’ll be able to transform your customer’s clicking experience and create real relationships.

URLs into Shorter Links

Crisp lengthy URLs into Shorter Links and QR Codes

India's game-changing digital revolution needs its very own Link and QR Code Management tool. LINQUP's ready-to-use features enable your business to grow faster with innovative branding opportunities using custom QR codes and links. Try India's Best Online URL Shortener to communicate with your customers quicker than ever.